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Creating your Infoproduct for your niche market

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Creating your Infoproduct for your niche market  Empty Creating your Infoproduct for your niche market

Bài gửi by Admin on Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:04 am

Infoproduct : Contraction of the words "information" and "product". A Infoproduct means a digital product , most often distributed by download and contains information about a given topic. The infoproducts to deliver as digital books (e-book), report, video, audio. A creator and seller infoproducts is a infopreneur .
how to create a Infoproduct

C As we have seen above, in the first part of this article , the biggest mistake you could make before creating a Infoproduct would not measure how your Infoproduct will have success on the niche market . Much time and money can be lost when you hurry to create a Infoproduct without really defining the market's expectations.
You can avoid this error by discovering what people want. But how can you find out? First Affiliate infoproducts who are in the same niche as Infoproduct you want to create. This can be, for example, e-books by other authors, here's how:
Create an affiliate account at 1TPE or Clickbank for the Anglo-Saxon market.
Infoproducts find some that you can promote as an affiliate, which approach your subject.
Create your own website ( if you do not have ) and your domain name and install it as a capture page linked to your autoresponder.
Establish an Adwords campaign with low cost and direct traffic to your capture page.
In the form of address for your capture page add a question-recovery survey of its kind: "What is the thing that you think is most important to know about Labradors?"
Measure and analyze the results
How much will it cost? Not very expensive, set a budget of € 50 for example, is 10 € per day and let it run for 5 days. Remember that making sales is fun and these sales can cover your Adwords campaign, even if not is not really our goal.
The main point here is to get people to tell you what they waiting with this question survey, but also to get their name and email address in the list of your auto-responder . What it will bring to you?
This will allow you to create Infoproduct they ask you and also contact them through your autoresponder to their report that you heard and that they can come to your sales page to receive or acquire what they asked you.
When people click on your AdWords ad they get to your capture page ( note, please include your capture form on a page that allows you to leave this page via links. short not to "enclose and trap" the visitor on a capture page, you might be penalized by Google Adwords could close your account ).
Once they have completed the form you can redirect to a page selling your affiliate infoproducts. The beauty of this system is to use the rotating device available from most suppliers of auto-answer service. So that the first visitor arrives on a first sales page, the next on a second page for a different affiliate and the third possibly to a third sales page and then the process returns to the beginning Infoproduct.
Now, how can this be interesting because the most important is to get their contact information and answers to your question ? Because you see what Infoproduct and / or sales page which got most of the sales. This information will help you create a better Infoproduct, but it will also give you a template for your sales page! Nothing in this type of testing is lost, each piece of information is important and useful for the final realization of your Infoproduct and putting it online.
Obviously, with a budget of € 50, you will not make many sales. If you can increase this budget, please, do so and maybe the sales generated will cover your advertising costs. Remember that you have a deadline and a goal and at the end of your test or your research, you should stop your AdWords campaign, unless you earn a lot of money!
It is possible that you have to do more than one test. For example, if you get several different answers to your question-survey, it is useful to recontact those recorded by asking the question differently or ask a new question to refine the results of your investigation.
But be careful not to ask too many questions. Studies have shown that too many questions hinders people.
To collect their personal information, if possible, find a Infoproduct with Private Label Rights , in connection with your Infoproduct, you can offer as an incentive to fill out your form.
I repeat once again, this is what the Great Net Marketers. That is why they are 6 or 7 major projects every year, because they are simply asking the market what they want. They test sales pages , landing pages recordings, headers and many other things. You'd be surprised by the number of tests that can perform some, this is whether some do not suffer from obsessive as they are obsessed to test everything.
But know that behind this madness there is a particular method and you can enjoy this madness to just get you as these tests. You will very quickly surprised to learn that in most cases, the market expects no way that you thought to propose. Discover what is expected and save your time and a lot of pitfalls in the long term.
S i you know nothing about auto-responders, Capture Pages, the installation of a Web site or how to use Google AdWords, you will find training web-entrepreneurs that will allow you to learn everything quickly. It is important to stop here and do it now.
Now begin by returning to the Forums .
Go to the forum where you found related to your topic and ask your questions . Tell them that you have set up a poll and ask them to complete it. The survey is of course on your capture page. To complete the test, you do not really pass around needs.
Of course, the capture page is one way, but it's really the best way to use because it allows you to build a list of prospective customers almost acquired before creating your Infoproduct. You can still use a survey service such as Survey Monkey (English) but this service is paying! Another French service exists, it is apparently free: .
Important Note: you will sooner or later need a domain name and a hosting for your infoproducts to sell . There are alternatives but you will lose time to put different elements in place, these free alternatives, put advertising on your pages and you often limit the use of the space they provide you with, and it denotes immediately an uninviting amateurism.
Since you'll need anyway, as you used to manage already your own web hosting . I recommend: 1and1 , which offers accommodation Pro available for less than € 5 per month (1 domain included), this service is easily scalable (you add what you need, no more no less) and s 'and adapt to your own evolution.
In summary, the accommodation will you need. To have tested several and have had to make difficult transfer sites and domains from one accommodation to another it is best to choose right from the start!
I do not want to stress repeating myself again, but understand how important it is to perform these tests before creating your own Infoproduct. Applying this method you will not have to struggle and fight for your Infoproduct sale. It may happen that you have several questions in your surveys, call if you seem really necessary, but limit you anyway, do not ask more than 3 questions! If you get to apply it then your future customers will tell you exactly what they expect from your Infoproduct.
If you ask their question, they will even tell you how much they are willing to pay your Infoproduct! If you do not ask their question, you will already have an idea of ​​the selling price of your item through affiliate infoproducts you offered for your test, it will already be a good indication.
Well, now that you know how to define the subject and how to discover what your customers expect and the market, find out how to bring their Infoproduct they expect and the easiest way possible.
How to write your Infoproduct: (e-book, for example)
P our writing must be at least a good "word processing" such as Microsoft Office Word. If you do not have Microsoft Office and do not want to spend a fortune in the acquisition, I recommend Open Office Suite which is completely free and widely as well, if not better than Microsoft Office.
You can download this suite in French here: in addition to the word processing software you can create a PDF file with one click. PDF button on the taskbar.
Open Office has identical and programs compatible with the Microsoft Suite, including a "word processor" as Word. Such programs make writing easy, they correct the spelling and grammar, or at least they tell you where the errors. So if that was your concern you can already stop worrying.
Simply install the following on your computer and open a new text document and going to work. Make sure you have time on your hands and you can not be bothered. Stop the TV, turn off the radio, stereo and unplug the phone ... Some Great Net Marketing, lock themselves or go for a day or two, sometimes one week or 2 and write.
I assure you, you do not have to be so extreme. You have the time you want, you can work for hours or stop whenever you want to eat, etc. ....
But especially to relax. Rest is essential and often, once rested, rereading what you wrote the day before, you can still improve.
This article discusses writing or writing your Infoproduct ebook form, but the following discusses the different resources and how to find sources of information for your ebook. You will find that they go together.
However you can work this article first and so prepare the skeleton of your ebook. For some people reach this stage opens their doors and then allows them to more easily write their book.
You've heard of writer's block, the famous white page remains blank? This is something that actually exists, but most authors have a trick to bypass the writer's page and make words flow and return alone. Simply establishing a skeleton or frame of their book , it will for you as well if you do so.
Now we will deal with everything that relates to your market, choose your title, choose your chapters and your subtitles, write your table of contents, how to write, use of graphics and visuals but also "legal information" and " copyrights "
Know Your Market
P read above we discussed the research needs of your market before creating your Infoproduct. With a little luck, you did and you have analyzed your results to find out what your market really expects from your subject.
Are you really in tune with the expectations of your market? If not, contact them again individually, thanking just for the information they have sent you and ask them one or two more questions. Look what kind of response you receive.
The fact is that you should be sure to have fully and adequately tested, questioned and you are very clear about what you want to market. With this information, you are ready to create your ebook and you can start filling the blank page that is about to set yourself from your monitor.
Choosing the Title of your e-book
I lya good chance that your survey has brought you ideas title. But titles are very important . Function is as important as a header in that it should be exciting . It should push the potential reader to open the book.
You've probably heard that a book should not be judged by its cover, but it is! Just after the first judgment, the thing that will attract the attention of your potential readers is the title. This is true for all forms of books, but also for ebooks and for all infoproducts media.
Your title can be as simple as, "grooming poodles" or "The Grooming Poodles." But what do you think of "Poodle Grooming - How to groom your poodle and save a few hundred dollars each year." This is what makes people look or not your item.
Why? Because they can save their money and money is always a motivator . Ask a professional writer, there are very specific motivators that really should be used in the sales pages:
The desire of gain
The fear of losing
There are also other motivators but they are presented by the two main motivators described above. In our example it is proposed to save money, to save money is to make money.
People want very specific things in life, you must remember and use it in all your essays writing. Think about things that most people want:
More money
Solutions to their problems
The satisfaction of basic needs
Social acceptance
Become better they think they are
They are not there your main concerns? That everyone wants and you simply dial your title targeting or desire of gain or the fear of losing, connecting with one or more base desires.
In our example, we used: how to groom your poodle and save hundreds of dollars each year . We focused on the desire of gain (saving) and a solution to a problem, grooming, but we can still improve.
People do not want these basic desires, they also want it to be easy and fast , always easier and faster. So you can include this in your title, for example: Poodles, Easy and Fast Grooming - How to save hundreds of euros in grooming your own Poodle.
Now, we could shorten the title, but in this case, we do not really want. We could delete the word "How" but people like us talking to them and so we maintain. There are many ways that we can use to change the title and while targeting motivators basic desires.
Go ahead, try it yourselves with your title. Type or write several possibilities and ask a few people to see which they prefer. Remember the people who have answered your survey? Find another gift for them and ask them to choose a title that would create more interest in exchange for the free gift.
Select chapters and titles
At this point, you may think that once you have an outstanding main title, you have targeted basic and different motivational desires that much is done. You'd be wrong. As part of promoting your Infoproduct e-book, it is very good for people to know what they will find inside the ebook indicating chapter titles and main headings.
It is very easy. Begin by making a list of topics that you'll deal . It takes some work. But start by writing, do not think about a logical now. Simply enter all the materials you want to develop. In the next article (Part 3) I will indicate you various information sources for ideas.
Once you have made this list, put in order, in an order that makes sense. For example, our product covering grooming poodles, we first would have an introduction dealing with the costs and problems related to grooming poodles, then we would talk about the preparation and the required tools, perhaps we would add a section how to calm the dog, or handle a dog that captures bad grooming and dog shampoo, etc. ....
Although we have defined the different topics that we deal with, we will write compelling titles , for example: Introduction : What you save on grooming, yourselves, your Poodle , Poodle Grooming : Provide you with the right tools without spending a fortune; Soothe an upset dog who does not appreciate your efforts; Start with a super clean dog ; etc..
In summary, write down all the subjects you want to edit , then put in a logical order, create good titles for your chapters and if you want, you add little notes that will help you remember what you thought writing for each subject, you might forget later.
Start your ebook with a Table of Contents

L is the simplest way to write an ebook is to start with the frame , the skeleton as we mentioned above. Transform this frame table of contents from which you can work. You can move a little more to determine the number of pages that want to write for each subject.
We now have a table of contents with brands that make writing easier for authors. This is especially true because nothing is set in stone. You'll be able to add or subtract topics at any time and, until that you make your ebook available to your customers so they can download it.
So, your document will become your Infoproduct your ebook, start with a page "Title" then a page containing the "table of contents". Leave in the interval a blank page where we will insert the "legal notices" that we see later. You can also start to choose your font and color of your text.
You can choose the font you want without worrying about whether this policy will be available on your computer drive. When you compile your document ebook, ebook will be such that you have designed and what is installed on the system or not your readers will not matter.
Choose nevertheless an easy to read font . Also choose a size that does not require anyone to stick on the screen, not too big so it does not require getting up from his chair. Size 14, for example, works well, use a larger size for titles and chapter titles .
Well, now you are ready to write, do not panic! I do not throw you to the wolves. I'll explain exactly how. You are not alone, no one will read what you write now ... there is no reason to worry!
Organize, write, correct
V ou will need to organize, write, edit and probably repeat it until you get an e-book that you'll be proud to put your name. The biggest problem faced by people who are trying to write, especially the first time, is that they feel overly concerned.
Organize with your "Table of Contents" . If you need a larger organization, adding the complete list of topics you want to develop for each title, with this you will be ready to write.
When I say "write" this is exactly what I mean. If you're not used to typing with a keyboard, take a notebook and write (I highly recommend the book not loose leaf). Do not worry about spelling and grammar. Do not worry about the layout, the spacing between your paragraphs or lines of your page, for now, just write. A friend, a writer famous for a remarkable achievement over 15 Wonderful books, to whom I once asked: What is the secret to writing? I replied: To write, write!
Write as if you were talking to your wife or your best friend, explaining why and how to do certain things . Put some personality. Feel free to write with your vocabulary. These are your words, written in your own way, you are the best to write .
Treat a subject, a chapter at a time . Write simply indulge yourself on the subject, without thinking about anything else. then correct . Return to the top and separate your text into paragraphs . Then make sure that the spelling is correct and there are no grammatical errors.
If you have written in a notebook, take the time to enter your text in your "word processor". Allow the software to find the faults and mistakes, but do not expect a correction to 100%.
Repeat from the beginning, read, and make other corrections if necessary . Make it read by someone else and ask if it makes sense. Ask someone you trust and who is interested in the project, as your wife, your mother or a friend.
This is the process: Organize, write, correct and make it as many times as you feel necessary until you get what you want. And while you organize, write, correct you can always make changes to your table of contents, and even then it can only be improved. It happen to you sometimes realize that a subject should be treated, and treat the add!
Take the next section, one by one, and work this section until it is perfect. There is a time to arrange a time to write, time to proofread and do not let these 3 times to mix and confuse, because if that happens, your flow of writing would be disrupted and your work will more as good.
Do not let the small details disrupt your writing . If you misspell a word, it is not important for now, go to the end of your section. If you have any doubts about the grammar of your sentence, does not pay any attention at the moment and continue. Do not let your writing flow being disturbed by these minor details they will be corrected later.
Use pictures or visual
A joust some images because they have their place in your ebooks and other infoproducts. For example, you could put your photo on your first page. You could also put a picture of a poodle, a box of vitamin. Just make sure that your cover image is related to the topic of your ebook.
You can use as many pictures in your ebook as you want. For example, some people use small images in their chapter titles and I think it's great. Others need to explain their content with images, graphics or visual, do it if you feel useful.
So where to find images? Well, firstly you can create using a graphics utility or design. You can use "clipart (vector)" or buy software containing hundreds or thousands of images, photos and clipart.
But be careful to plagiarism!
Do not copy images for which you do not have the "copyright" or are not "royalty free". To be sure there are only 2 possibilities:
Either you are the owner of this picture because you fully created or photographed.
Either you have purchased and acquired the rights to use from an image bank, as Fotolia.
By any means, if you use images do not fill your ebook point of having only visual, photos or other, do not forget that the images will significantly increase the size of your final file and it will be more long to download for your customers.
Note that, in general, once you compiled ebook, your reader should be able to see the images, make sure nonetheless a good presentation of your text if images are not visible!
Legal Notices and Copyright
M hile you offer "Resale Rights" or "Private Label Rights" for your ebook, it should contain a "Copyright Notice" which should look like this:
Copyright © 2012 - Your Name or Company Name. All Rights Reserved.
To the copyright symbol (©), hold the "Alt" and enter the following numbers 0169, then release the "Alt" key to the symbol appears.
Now you can also save your work to an institution specialized protection, but is it necessary?
In the texts of law, the author is the sole owner of his work unless he transfers his rights as "anonymous authors" that run the command. But in case of dispute or plagiarized it is better to have done "official filing" as attesting the ownership of the work as the filing date and therefore creation.
These deposits were often expensive but they have become, thanks to the Internet, very accessible. You know the saying; "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush!".
For example, you can protect life, an entire site with its content and your own works for about 10 € in Copyright Deposit , or you drop each of your books and get a seal identifying your work and the date of filing in Copyright Direct or Copyright France .
Legal notices are very important. They can help you not to be sued. What happens if one of your readers accidentally cut a poodle's ear and following your recommendations?
It can find reasons to sue you, unless you have explicitly stated that you can not be held responsible for the use of the information described in your work.
You can post a notice, such as:
" The information contained in this ebook is published solely for informational or entertainment purposes. The author has taken all available steps to verify the precision and accuracy of this information. Before using the information contained in this ebook, it is your responsibility to have it checked by qualified professionals. The author can not be held responsible for the use or the use of this information. "
This better protects your book and its author, You. But what about people other than your customers? For example, if you make reference to certain brands by appearing to others?
It is certainly your right, but you use and cite their "Brand Manufacturing" in your publication. This can be a source of problems and possible prosecution, which is why we should add this:
" All Trademarks or product names mentioned in this document belong to their respective owners, we are by no means the representatives of these brands nor their products. While some recommendations are made ​​or can be, it is up to the reader to make his own findings on the products discussed and the necessary research before purchasing. The author can not be held responsible or be charged with any liability with respect to the use or the use of any product referred in this ebook. "
You see, you are again covered. The "Legal Notice" or "Legal" are often written in a smaller than the actual content of the ebook character. This is not to hide, they are usually on the second page, so if the intention were to hide they would be more on the last page! No, because a smaller character and noted that this is a reference and not the main content of the book.
Of course, small does not mean too small to read! Minimum size 11 or 9 is sufficient for the "Legal" or "Copyright". The important thing is to protect yourself from any kind of legal action and also to protect the contents and your work against all forms of plagiarism and theft.
Believe it or not, some people do not understand what it means to "copyright" and you must use the "Legal" to clarify this. For example, after the "copyright" or just after the title of "Legal" you should add something like:
" This work (or work, ebook, ebook, ...) is protected by filing a copyright to .................. in 163 countries. All rights are reserved exclusively to its author and no part of this publication may be republished in any form whatsoever without the written consent of the author. You have no rights resale or distribution, nor use this work without prior agreement of the author. You do not have any Private Label Rights. Any violation of these terms would result in legal action against you. "
Obviously, if you decide to sell the Resell Rights or Private Label specify in an attachment to download folder named "Resale Rights License" or "License Private Label Rights." You can also specify that your book is sold with distinct rights contained in the file available for download.
Just use your best judgment when writing your "legal". Refer to the "legal" present in other authors, but do not copy! The "Legal" are also protected by the "copyright" but you can inspire you to be assured of full protection.
Conclude your ebook
U do once you have made ​​your "Title Page" page of the "Legal", the "Table of Contents" and the text of your ebook, you must conclude. Finally a works is complicated for many people but you can not leave readers without closing ... unless you have a suite, Volume 2, a product, etc..
And even when you have a product or work to follow, you must enter your ebook . Your conclusion will look more like a "hook" for your product or encourage them in their quest for grooming poodles. The important thing is that your ebook has an end just as it has a beginning.
So what is the ideal size for your ebook? Just long enough to cover the subject. In all honesty, the length of your work is determined by the complexity of the subject and what it takes to express your point of view.
Sometimes certain subject are sufficiently addressed in 5 pages or less, obviously this ebook worth anything, so you have to work to supplement the information or densified.
A good ebook "merchant" should not be less than 20 pages. I say "Marchand" because it is possible to use ebooks to a smaller size, the "Mini Reports" that can be distributed gratuitement.Cependant even for "Mini Reports" free does not get in there 10 pages.
On the other hand, if you add and add unlimited pages, you will be hard pressed to reach your customers and very difficult to read. Try to not exceed 100 pages in most cases but some subjects, very complex may contain more than 200 or 300 pages.
Consider also for such works to divide, try cutting your main subject in 3 main themes are marketing them individually and why not propose later in a "pack" containing 3 works? As one of 3 could be distributed free to create a list of potential customers for the other 2!
For a good ebook, look at the other books that are made on the same subject, look at the length and the price asked by the author. The price of an ebook is always linked to its length!
Do you know enough to write your ebook? It is likely that you know enough to know how to write it, in other words how to actually dial. But if you're still not comfortable with your writing, there are many resources you can use to improve your writing, or make it more comfortable.
For example, if you do not like the words you use, find better words using a "thesaurus". If you work with "Microsoft Word" you have a very good dictionary. Put the word highlighted, right-click the word and select "search".
A new box will open to the right of your page with your word, its definition, synonym or translation depending on the selected function. There are also online thesaurus, eg: .
Another great free tool that can be used to Grammar, and even as the conjugations Dictionary: . Another grammar checker and conjugations: you will find in researching, certainly many other free tools!
Save time and money. Organize, write and simply fix up that is good. You do not need to take writing courses. You just need software that points the errors and someone who has a good sense of grammar you read and make sure that what you have written is correct.


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